Product Information

15CDV6 Steel Tube

Product Information 15CDV6 Steel Tube

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Due to its excellent mechanical properties, the material 1.7734 / 15CDV6 meets the requirements of international quality- and safety standards. The material is therefore suitable for the production of components intended for application ranges with maximum demands. The air-quenched tubes comply with international standards and can be traced back to their original batches. Aside from an extensive standard range, we also offer customized measurements, as well as profiled cross-sections (aero profiles) upon request.

Material Specifications:
1.7734 acc to LN 9369 and DIN 29657, 15CDV6 acc. to AIR 9160/C
Special Characteristics:
The material, which is available in grain size 5 or finer (acc. EN 103-71) stands out for the following special features:
  • High yield strength and excellent weldability.
  • Weldable without subsequent heat-treatment, in both conditions (.4/.5).
  • High resistance of the weld, without subsequent heat-treatment (Rm > 980 N/mm2).
  • The tubes are demagnetized to a residual field intensity of 12 A/cm max.

This table shows the mechanical properties in an air-quenched condition
 1.7734.4 / 15CDV61.7734.5 / 15CDV6For Comparison:
1.7214 (SAE 4130)
Tensile Strength700980-1180650-850
Yield Strength550790480-520

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