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350Mpa Mild Steel Tube

Product Information 350Mpa Mild Steel Tube and Rectangle Tube

Stocklist- 350MPa Mild Steel Round and Rectangle Tube

Mild Steel is steel containing carbon up to about 2% and only residual quantities of other elements except those added for deoxidation, with silicon usually limited to 0.60% and manganese to about 1.65%. Also termed "plain carbon steel", "ordinary steel", and "straight carbon steel". 1020 is normally used in the manufacturing of small-diameter or thin-wall DOM steel tube. DOM is formed from strip and electric-resistance welded, then cold drawn to size. The cold drawing process causes the weld line to virtually disappear.

American Specifications:
ASTM A513 Type 5
British Specifications:
040 A 20, 070 M 20
Mechanical, hydraulic cylinders, shaft, tight tolerance requirements
Size Range:
1/4" - 14 1/2" (6 mm - 368 mm) OD; .035" - .625" (.9 mm - 16 mm) wall
Average Cutting Speed:
120 ft/min
May be carburized
Corrosion Resistance:

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Typical Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength (ksi)80
Yield Point (ksi)70
Elongation (% in 2")15
Rockwell hardnessRB80
Typical Chemical Analysis
C.15 - .25
Mn.30 - .60
P.040 max
S.050 max