Product Information

T45 Steel Tube

Product Information T45 Steel Tube

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Bs4T45-Bs4T100 is a high strength, high yield seamless steel tube that was designed for the aero industry. This tube was used in the manufacture of aeroplanes such as the Spitfire, and has been used for many years.

The usual methods of welding are brazing and TIG welding. If MIG is used, stress-relieving processes may be needed.
Ultimate Tensile Strength:
700-900N/mm2 = 45/58 ton f/in2
Other Mechanical Properties:
0.2% proof stress, minimum 620N/mm2 = 40 ton minimum

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Typical Mechanical Properties
Tensile Strength (ksi)80
Yield Point (ksi)70
Elongation (% in 2")15
Rockwell hardnessRB80
Typical Chemical Analysis
C.15 - .25
Mn.30 - .60
P.040 max
S.050 max